Module 1

Is upholstery for me?

You have a creative eye and maybe you think that’s the key to being good at upholstery. I’m not here to shatter any illusions, but I do want to be honest about the personality traits it takes to be totally at the top of your game.


Things don’t always go according to plan with upholstery. And that’s an understatement!

Recovering from tricky challenges and keeping going when you feel like giving up is super important. Loose joints, woodworm, fabric that doesn’t behave; these issues will all be thrown at you and it’s resilience that will keep you motivated when things go wrong.


That simple project you thought would be easy will take longer than you imagined. FACT. From stripping back more layers than you realised to removing more tacks than you believe possible, upholstery takes time. And trust me, you will need patience to deal with the painstaking precision it takes to do a proper job.


You’ll use muscles you never even knew you had when you start upholstering your own furniture. My hands were red raw at the end of my first week of training. Determination and physical strength is key. I never realised quite how physically demanding the craft would be when I first started. Don’t underestimate it.

Attention to Detail

The detailed nature of upholstery is what sets a standard upholsterer apart from a brilliant one. We’re talking perfect pleats and corners, precision with finishes, exceptional touches. You need to be someone who thrives on attention to detail. “It will do” won’t do!

Problem Solving

You’re going to come across things you didn’t expect when you start a project and you’ll have to find ways around that. Being solutions-focused along with being practical and methodical will make you shine at upholstery. You need to be a terrific trouble shooter.


At last… Creativity! Now, this is a skill that I think evolves. Your style and taste will grow as your talents develop. But I honestly think it is the last part of the puzzle. Focus on the other traits above FIRST and soon you’ll be well on your way to becoming a brilliant upholsterer.