Creating a statement wing back chair – Union Jack style

I’ve reupholstered many a wing back chair. But this was the first time I’d been tasked with creating a Union Jack statement chair.

I was thrilled by the challenge and also the opportunity to collaborate with my client to create something that would have a special place in her heart and her new home.

But the pressure was on with this project: it had to be completed before she left the country to relocate to Ibiza.

“Make me a little reminder of home.

From Britain to the Balearics

As Lyn was setting off for a new life abroad, she wanted to create something iconic. A statement chair that would remind her of her UK roots.

Lyn’s wife had suggested getting rid of the old wing armchair. Thankfully, we came up with a plan that would save and transform it instead.

Creating a custom Union Jack chair

This was a classic wing back chair in a Laura Ashley style fabric – so, fairly ordinary. But with a bit of imagination, we knew that with re-upholstery, we could reimagine it as something special and unique.

An old wing back chair in a grey Laura Ashley-style fabric.

We found the retro-look heavy jacquard Union Jack fabric panels on eBay.

Rather than cover the entire chair in the Union Jack design, I felt it would be better to keep the placement to the front cushions and across the inside and outside back. The reason being is you’d lose too much detail by going for an all-over effect – and you have to know when less is more!

We chose a dimension that would fit, and in order to get the proportions exactly right, I created a border top and bottom from the matching Linwood Fabric, Moleskin Velvet – navy.
As a finishing touch, I also spray-painted the legs in navy.

A majestic outcome

It’s been a truly monumental year in British royal history, so it seemed fitting that Lyn’s reminder of home should reflect this.


Union Jack statement wing backed chair transformation

We’re all delighted with the result, and it was a pleasure to transform this rather plain wing back armchair into a majestic piece that will make a regal statement in its sunny, new surroundings

As well as being my first Union Jack chair, this project is one I’ll remember as it’s the second chair I’ve re-upholstered to travel beyond the UK.

Union Jack Statement Wing back chair with Linwood fabric's navy moleskin

It’s a nice thought to think that my work is in homes around the world.

If you have a piece you’d like to transform from ordinary to one-of-a-kind, get in touch.

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