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Keep up to date with the latest upholstery trends, see pieces transformed and gain insights on how to make the most from your furniture. Enter your details below and you’ll receive new blogs, direct to your inbox.

Stay up-to-date

Keep up to date with the latest upholstery trends, see pieces transformed and gain insights on how to make the most from your furniture. Enter your details below and you’ll receive new blogs, direct to your inbox.

  • G-Plan chair reupholstered in Romo Fabrics Linara.

    The G-Plan chair with a very special story

    My workshop is endlessly filled with pieces that have a family history or sentimental connection, but this was a project that had extra meaning… Mr Evans’ chair is a project that sums up why my job as an upholsterer is such a joy and a privilege but so emotional sometimes. This job wasn’t just about [...]

  • Why a regular website review is essential if you want to attract the right customers.

    Don’t set and forget: why every business should regularly review their website (plus tips)

    Is your website working for you? When was the last time you really reviewed it? If it’s been a while, or you aren’t sure what to look for, you must keep reading. If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll notice something is different; my site has a brand-new look and feel. But that’s not all.  The [...]

  • french-connection-3-seater-ocean-velvet-sofa (1)

    Your sofa stories: “I regret buying a new sofa”

    Your bad sofa stories keep coming. In this blog we share Emma's experience buying a new sofa from a large retailer, plus unmissable tips so you avoid buyers' regret.

  • Creating a statement wing back chair – Union Jack style

    From ordinary wing back chair to Union Jack statement chair - a challenging project for more than reason.

  • Conscious consumers: why more of us are choosing vintage and pre-loved furniture

    We explore conscious consumerism and the excellent benefits for the environment and your home when you choose to reinvent second-hand or vintage furniture instead of buying new.

  • Sharon O'Connor shares 10 lessons I've learnt from 10 years running an upholstery business.

    10 lessons I’ve learnt from 10 years running an upholstery business

    Key lessons and unmissable insights for upholstery business owners. Whether your just starting out or you've been in business for a while, this blog is for you.

  • What you need to know before buying a new sofa.

    Buying a new sofa? You need to read this first!

    Avoid these common sofa-buying mistakes and beware those good "deals." How to choose a sofa that will last and tips to extend its life.

  • Client's finished upholstery transformation, now a light pink velvet chair

    What makes furniture eco-friendly?

    We explore what makes furniture eco-friendly and your options for giving a new life to pre-loved chairs, sofas and other items.

  • Tori Murphy grey and white stripe sofa in the style of banquette seating

    Are striped sofas out of style?

    Our latest trend update covers everything you need to know about upholstering with stripes so you can choose the right style for your sofa, chair or any other upholstery project.

  • The Gavel and The Gabble podcast logo

    The Gavel and the Gabble: The upholsterer and the neon chair

    Sharon talks all things upholstery on The Gavel and the Gabble auction podcast. If you love Antique Road Show, you'll want to listen.

  • Sharon on laptop with upholstery beginners starter guide open on the screen.

    Upholstery Beginner: Preparing for your first upholstery course

    How to prepare for training as an upholstery beginner to ensure you make the most of your investment.

  • Captain's chair transformed with Harris Tweed: How to make your upholstery project a success

    How to make your upholstery project a success: Top tips from an insider

    Learn the things that lead to upholstery project success - and insider tips you don't want to miss.

  • My outdoor fabric favourites to revamp your garden furniture

    Update your outdoor furniture: Outdoor fabric favourites

    Discover the best outdoor fabrics to revamp your garden furniture seating, plus tips for choosing the right fabric for your project.

  • Upholstery: the customer journey

    Upholstery: The customer journey – an interview with Sarah-Jane

    An interview with long-time client, Sarah-Jane. Read her customer experience and see images of her reupholstery transformations.

  • Sharon O'Connor at work reveals the best places to buy upholstery suppliesplaces

    Upholstery SOS: The best places to buy upholstery supplies

    My pick of the best places to buy upholstery supplies and the go-to stockists I couldn't be without.

  • One of the reupholstery projects completed while living with Lupus

    Living with Lupus

    Read my story about living with Lupus and running a successful business despite the challenges.

  • The Vintique Upholstery workshop during filming of BBC Money For Nothing show

    The business tips I wish I’d known when I started out in upholstery

    Have you just started your upholstery business? In this blog I share my top business tips, the things I'd wish I'd known when I started.

  • Sky blue and indigo colour combination wing chair fabric by Timorous Beasties

    5 of the best colour combinations

    Knowing what works and what doesn't can be a minefield, so here are my pick of the five best colour combinations.

  • 5 of the all-time best statement chairs

    In this article I reveal the 5 all-time best statement chairs, and some examples to look out for!

  • A large pile of furniture waste at landfill

    Sustainability: Small changes, big difference

    In this article I share how we can make upholstery greener and suggest a few ways to get started.

  • External shot of the Vintique Upholstery workshop, Sharon O Connor standing by an open door

    My 5 best tips for small businesses

    I’m still learning every day but have definitely picked up a few lessons along the way. Here are my five best tips for small businesses…

  • Sharon O' Connor stand with presenter Jacqui Joseph in front of the finished ottoman

    Step-by-step Ottoman transformation

    Three years ago this week my first episode of Money for Nothing (MFN) aired on BBC One. One of my projects was a fairly unremarkable Ottoman. See the transformation in progress.

  • Pantone colour swatch in Very Peri Lilac

    Colour of the year 2022: In love with Lilac

    The tastemakers at Pantone have announced their colour of the Year for 2022, naming Pantone 17-3938 Very Peri as its choice. Every year the company endorses a shade that it believes will be ever-present in the year to come. This year’s colour has definitely caught my eye! Described as “happiest and warmest of all the [...]

  • Vintique Upholstery's Sharon O'Connor on a Power Hour call

    Introducing: The Power Hour with Sharon O’Connor

    When I started out in upholstery there was no post training support. I did my training and mastered the technical side of the trade. But as for setting up in business? I felt totally alone and didn’t know where to go for advice. The world of upholstery seemed like a very secret club and asking [...]

  • upholsterer Indya Hanlon from Indya Creates

    An Interview with Indya Hanlon from Indya Creates

    When I embarked on my upholstery journey over 10 years ago, I knew hardly anyone who was an absolute beginner like me. Since I launched my online guide to getting into upholstery Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered, with its own private online community, I’ve loved hearing all the stories of other people’s pathways into this incredible profession.  This [...]

  • an upholstered ottoman with a flowery themed pattern

    5 Simple Upholstery Projects for Beginners

    When you first get started in upholstery, the most important thing is to master the basics and practice, practice, practice. With a bit of patience and by starting with something simple, trust me, you will gradually build your knowledge and confidence. Before you know it, you’ll be tackling more complex projects. Imagine taking up running - you wouldn't expect to complete a marathon straight away. [...]

  • Linwood Fabrics sofa featuring pink recycled fabric from their Verde collection

    Top 5 Eco-Friendly Fabric Manufacturers

    As we begin 2022, one thing is very clear: finding more sustainable options in our lives and our businesses is no longer a choice, it’s a must. The great news is that upholstery is one of the most eco-friendly crafts on the planet. After all, what could be greener than saving a tired piece of furniture [...]

  • Very Vintique upholstered chair from the Danish Mid Century modern era

    Top 5 Upholstery Projects of 2021

    Well, it’s been another bumper year of wonderful upholstery triumphs and remarkable furniture transformations. As 2021 draws to a close, I’ve had a rummage through the archives and come up with my personal top five projects of 2021. I’d love to know what you think… 1) Modern makeover I loved this challenge as it was reinventing something fairly modern and making it [...]

  • headshot of upholsterer Sue Garth from Suzie's Attic

    An Interview with Sue Garth from Suzie’s Attic

    When I embarked on my upholstery journey over 10 years ago, I knew hardly anyone who was an absolute beginner like me. Since I launched my online guide to getting into upholstery Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered, with its own private online community, I’ve loved hearing all the stories of people just starting out.  This week on [...]

  • Upholsterers Sharon O'Connor and Robbie Richardson at the launch of Stuff Stitch

    Stuff Stitch Upholstery Magazine Launch

    I recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting up with fellow upholsterer Robbie Richardson to co-host the launch of Stuff Stitch – his bi-monthly magazine for hobbyists, students and professionals who are passionate about the Upholstery and Soft-Furnishing profession. How brilliant that finally there is a magazine dedicated to all things upholstery! I travelled to Wiltshire to meet Robbie – who unbelievably I’d never caught up with in the flesh before. And I didn’t just [...]

  • Vintique Upholstery personal branding photoshoot: Sharon O'Connor outside the Vintique Upholstery workshop

    How to plan for a personal branding photoshoot

    I realised recently that the profile photography on my website needed an update. It wasn’t only my outfits and hairstyle that were bugging me, the shots just didn’t feel like me anymore. It was time for a refresh! As luck would have it, I was introduced to the wonderful Hannah Macgregor. Not only is she [...]

  • a completed reupholstered a chair in the journey of reupholstering a chair

    The Journey of Reupholstering a Chair

    It sounds simple enough when a perfectly good wing chair arrives in need of a spruce up, a recover, and a fresh set of threads. The thing is, when a customer says ‘it only needs new fabric’, us upholsterers smile a knowing smile; rarely is it just new fabric. A good upholsterer will always look at ways of improving a chair, whether it’s in for full re-upholstery [...]

  • The corner of a red and pink floral upholstered sofa

    New season interior design trends

    This week it’s really felt like autumn has been in the air. As well as the prospect of pulling out the cosy knits from the wardrobe and snuggling up for the darker evenings, it’s time for the launch of all the new season trends. If you’re after some inspiration for your next upholstery project, here’s a peek at a few [...]

  • Becca Who sketching designs outside

    Spotlight on: An interview with British Designer, Becca Who

    One of the great joys of my job is finding beautiful fabrics and discovering designers with a fresh and inspiring look. Every now and again someone comes along who becomes a firm favourite. Becca Who’s statement fabrics are a riot of glorious colour and dramatic patterns. I decided to catch up with her as she launches her second captivating fabric collection – Earth Odyssey. Hi [...]

  • Teach me Upholstery, Vicky Grubbs new book

    Teach Me Upholstery: Book review

    My first meeting with Vicky Grubb from The Upholstery Cabin was virtual, when she kindly agreed to appear on an Instagram live with me. I was launching Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered - my guide to getting into upholstery. It was only later that we actually met in person, which is a rare thing indeed in [...]

  • Gold scissors on Neo 13 Blackpop British velvet fabric

    Exciting news: The launch of Very Vintique

    I talked earlier this year about something very exciting that I’ve been working on and today is the launch day! Very Vintique was born from a desire to create beautiful one-off pieces of furniture inspired by my own imagination. The idea of seeking out my OWN pieces, inventing a vision and creating something inspirational is [...]

  • Sharon O'Connor working on a chair using her upholstery skill

    An update from Sharon O’Connor

    I’m Sharon O’Connor from Vintique Upholstery and I thought it was about time to say ‘hello again’ to new followers and friends. It’s been a while since I started my blog - designed to spread the joy of upholstery as a business and an everlasting craft, but also, to show that we don’t need to [...]

  • How to slip stitch - Final thread being cut for chair

    Step-by-step guide on how to slip stitch

    We’ve already talked on the blog about single piping and double piping, so now that you’ve hopefully mastered these two techniques, let’s move onto one of my favourite upholstery skills. Next up in the masterclass is slip stitching. Also known as blind stitching, it’s the neatest, most efficient way to seal your seams and create [...]

  • The ultimate guide to upholstery supplies & sundries

    Springs, stuffing’s, coverings, linings, webbing… There are all kinds of upholstery supplies, sundries and materials you’ll come across – even at a basic level. The list can seem endless and slightly overwhelming, so I thought it might be useful to talk through the basics. Choosing the right materials for the job is all part of [...]

  • Black chair having the double piping attached

    A step-by-step double piping guide for chair upholstery

    A few weeks ago on the blog, we talked about how to master single piping. So, no surprises, next up in the masterclass is double piping. A slightly more elaborate version of single piping, double piping is one row of trim that is two rows of single piping sewn together. It's a common finishing element [...]

  • A upholstery nightmare due to a woodworrm infested brown chair

    Five upholstery nightmares revealed with tips on how to solve them

    As an upholsterer - whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years - there are some things you come across that will cause your heart to sink. Unfortunately, no one is immune to the nightmares that lie beneath the surface or the hidden secrets that spell upholstery hell. Here are the [...]

  • Stapling upholstery single piping onto chair

    A step-by-step single piping guide for chair reupholstery

    Piping is used as a finish for many upholstery projects, so it’s an essential skill to learn. As well as being used frequently on boxed cushions and scatter cushions, you’re likely to come across it on a whole range of traditional and modern upholstered furniture. In this easy to follow masterclass, we’ll focus on single [...]

  • Fabric being sewn onto chair during upholstery process

    Three fundamentals to becoming an upholsterer

    The craft of upholstery - what does it take to excel at it? Picking a great fabric and having the talent to put it on a piece of furniture, right? Well, yes, that is the most important part, but there are three extra skills that you definitely need to grasp before you can consider yourself [...]

  • Paula Johnson from Treasured Upholstery

    Catching up with Paula Johnson from Treasured Upholstery

    When I embarked on my upholstery journey over ten years ago, I hardly knew anyone who was an absolute beginner like me. Since I launched my online guide to getting into upholstery - Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered, with its own private online community, I’ve loved hearing all the stories of people just starting out. This [...]

  • My Little Black Book: The best places to buy your upholstery supplies

    Over the years as an upholsterer, I've picked up a fair few tips on where to source and buy your essentials. Whether it’s fabrics and finishes or tools and fillings and foams, good suppliers are worth knowing about wherever you are in your upholstery journey. These are my go-to places I know I can rely on to find [...]

  • 19th Century Cornelius V Smith armchair with blue velvet material

    The biggest beginner upholstery mistakes (and how to avoid them)

    I’m ALL for people having a go at upholstery themselves and as with most skills, much of it you learn through trial and error. But, if you’re an absolute beginner, I do have a word of caution: “don’t bite off more than you can chew”. If you choose an achievable transformation, you're more likely to [...]

  • Virtual Vintique logo

    Welcome to Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered

    March has been a manic month. In fact, I have barely stopped for breath since the start of 2021. Behind the scenes, I’ve been bringing to life my very own online guide. Virtual Vintique: Upholstery Uncovered is my take on everything you need to know if you’re considering pursuing upholstery as a new hobby or even thinking [...]

  • Upholstered blue patterned Lloyd Loom Ottoman

    How to upholster a Lloyd Loom Ottoman

    When you’re starting out as an upholstery beginner, it’s really important to choose a project that won’t be overwhelming. What you’re looking for is something that will allow you to achieve a decent result while developing your skills. For this reason, something like a Lloyd Loom Ottoman is a great piece to begin with. I'll [...]

  • Very Vintique logo

    Introducing Very Vintique

    I love revamping treasured items of furniture for my customers. Hearing about the history of the pieces, whether they were picked up on the internet for a steal or handed down through generations. I don’t see it as a job. But, I can’t lie, there’s also something satisfying about the process of seeking out my [...]

  • Armchair and bed with reupholstered cushions in bedroom

    How to fall in love with your home again

    I’m willing to bet that you have NEVER spent as much time in your home as you have this past year. There’s literally been nowhere to hide from that long overdue DIY project, the furniture you secretly loathe and the spaces that desperately need an overhaul. The great thing though is that there’s never been [...]

  • Sharon O'Connor sat on reupholstered green sofa

    New plans for 2021

    January 2021 marks eight years since I started my business, Vintique Upholstery. Three years previously, in the depths of a recession, I’d begun re-training as an upholsterer. I had been made redundant when fashion and retail crashed in 2008, I was newly single, had just relocated to a new area and was feeling pretty miserable, [...]

  • Repholstered patterned chesterfield sofa with bright coloured cushions

    Choosing a sofa: The ingredients for a perfect sofa

    I’ve seen A LOT of sofas. Hundreds… thousands, perhaps. And I make a point of sitting on every single one that comes through my studio doors. So, I’d say I’m fairly qualified to say what makes a good one. Whether you’re choosing a new sofa or wanting to know if yours is worth reupholstering, there are some ingredients which I [...]

  • The Upholstery Bible book

    Book Review: The Upholstery Bible

    When I was training, the selection of upholstery books on offer were boring, to say the least. Rudimentary, uninspiring (and mainly written by men); they were functional, technical and it stopped there. So, when I was recently sent The Upholstery Bible by Cherry Dobson to review, I could tell as soon as I saw it, this was [...]