Upholsterer Sharon O'Connor's bedroom interior

How to find your home interior style

Do you ever wonder why your house looks the way it does? Why you’re drawn to certain interior styles, or seem to choose the same colours time and time again? Have you considered whether your choices would be the same if you started all over again? Or are you a style chameleon who’s always dying to revamp your current home and everything in it given half a chance?

Recently I’ve had an urge to switch things up at home. Maybe it’s the after-effects of a lockdown that saw us all spend more time than ever in the same four walls. Creating a space that’s a comfort zone has become a bigger priority, and we’ve all been forced to assess functionality too. Suddenly we’ve needed workspaces, areas for indoor exercise, and anyone lucky enough to have a garden has never prized it more. I suppose it proves that external factors can affect internal tastes and decisions.

Why I can’t resist a hand-me-down

My home is a Victorian terraced cottage filled with treasures collected over the years. I’m not keen on the term ‘eclectic’ but you could definitely describe my assortment of furniture and accessories as a collection of styles and eras. I’ve always fallen for furniture that has already had a life. Rarely do I buy brand new; usually it’s a hand-me-down or a bargain I’ve hunted down online. I love unique, bespoke pieces that spark a conversation. Uniform style just doesn’t cut it for me.

Home bookshelf with vintage furnishings

But, if I did move, would I start over or would the pieces I’ve gathered together stay with me forever? For instance, the Mid-Century sofa and matching chairs which sit in my living room are perfectly proportioned for the space. But if I was in a roomy loft apartment would they still work? And as much as I love the sofa and chairs, what’s the trigger to switch things up and start again with a whole new set, or revamp them with a new look. When do you know you’ve hit exhaustion point with your possessions?

Mid-century sofa and armchairs in need of reupholstering

Reupholstered mid-century sofa and armchair in green fabric

“It’s the pieces with a personal history that make a space unique.”

I read an interesting article which basically said we all have a particular set of decorating and design ideas which are guaranteed to find a way into our home. Gathered together, they can seem like a mis-matched collection of objects, but if they all have an association or personal connection, you’ll always create style magic. It also went on to say that it’s the pieces with a personal history that make a space unique. I couldn’t agree more.

Here are my tips for identifying your personal style winners that I know will have staying power wherever you live…

Don’t be governed by trends – you’ll soon get bored of them

My best piece of advice when finding a style you’ll love forever is to follow your instincts, don’t follow fashion. Sure, if you love animal print or neon then I’d say mix it up into your interior scheme. But if you’re buying a piece just because it’s the latest must-have, you’re bound to regret it when it falls out of favour.

Personal taste transcends ‘seasons’ and fashion pages. If it fills you with satisfaction every time you look at it, you know you’ve hit the style jackpot.

Find the colours that make you happy

There’s a lot of evidence that says colour connects with us on an emotional level. In fact, our favourite colours can provide a mood boost when you use them around your home.

If you’re not sure what your uplifting shades are, look for clues in your wardrobe, or the jewellery and accessories you love to wear. There’s a reason we make the decisions we do.

Once you know your ‘happy palette’ use it thoughtfully in splashes around your home – a paint colour or a few accessories for instance. If you’re feeling brave you could reupholster your sofa in the shade that makes you smile. I did and I love it!

Old sofa in need of reupholstering

Upholstered Chesterfield sofa with bright cushions

The importance of sizing up your space

Scale and proportions are important and that’s definitely something you need to take into consideration. It’s not the size of your home, but the sense of space you have that gives you a successful interior. That’s not to say that over-sized pieces don’t work in small spaces, sometimes they do. But it’s about making the right decisions for the footprint of your rooms.

Upholsterer Sharon O'Connor's bedroom interior

There’s a lot to be said for Feng Shui and flow. Always consider how a space ‘feels’ when deciding what to put in it and where exactly to place it.

Are you due a style switch-up? Maybe you’re moving home or you’ve got some furniture that needs a revamp? Contact me for an initial, no-obligation quote by filling in the online contact form. Alternatively, you can email me directly at sharon@vintiqueupholstery.com or call me on 07764 182 783.

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