Vintique Upholstery's Sharon O'Connor on a Power Hour call

Introducing: The Power Hour with Sharon O’Connor

When I started out in upholstery there was no post training support. I did my training and mastered the technical side of the trade. But as for setting up in business? I felt totally alone and didn’t know where to go for advice. The world of upholstery seemed like a very secret club and asking questions seemed very daunting. Sometimes the answers that came back from more experienced upholsterers were brutal.

Ever since, I’ve made it my mission to be open, honest and as helpful as I can about what it takes to make it in upholstery. And today I’m giving you the opportunity to access my knowledge and experience with a totally bespoke and exclusive POWER HOUR with me.

Vintique Upholstery's Sharon O'Connor on a Power Hour call

This online upholstery mentoring session is the perfect space to fine-tune your business, develop your skills and boost your confidence. Running your own upholstery business should be rewarding, profitable and creatively fulfilling. But there are times when you might need a second pair of eyes, or simply a sounding board to help with the everyday challenges of being a small business owner. No question is a stupid question.

“I am an open book, happy to share mistakes I’ve made along the way – I’ll tell you exactly how it is.”

Ideal for anyone starting out or just feeling a bit stuck in their upholstery business, I can give you the support you’re looking for. Through this one-to-one online session (or sessions) we will identify what your specific challenges are, then try to fix them! This will give you the opportunity to work for an hour on your business and not in your business. 

Vintique Upholstery's Sharon O'Connor discussing Power Hour with a fellow upholsterer

I am an open book and happy to share mistakes I’ve made along the way. I am an open book, happy to share mistakes I’ve made along the way – I’ll tell you exactly how it is.

If you dream of creating an upholstery business that attracts your ideal customers and fulfils all your creative ambitions, then I can help get you there. I want to give you access to everything I wish I had known when I started my business 10 years ago. Nothing is off limits and we can delve into YOUR specific concerns.

Vintique Upholstery's Sharon O'Connor with her pet dogs Ruby and Riley

Ask me anything

Because these sessions are personal and totally tailored to you, we can cover the particular areas of your business that are causing concern or needing attention. For instance…

  • How to set your prices
  • Identifying your niche and ideal customers
  • Getting ‘unstuck’ with a particular problem
  • Social media and marketing – where to start
  • Invoicing and account records
  • Setting up admin best practices
  • Flawless customer journey
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How it works

  • We start with a questionnaire so I can understand your business in depth before our session together
  • From that questionnaire we identify and agree a topic or topics you’d like to discuss
  • We’ll then arrange a one-hour POWER HOUR session via Zoom
  • You’ll receive my honest feedback, based on my knowledge and experiences
  • My suggestions will give you an action plan for you to implement in your business
  • I’ll make sure you go away inspired, motivated, and encouraged
  • For seven days after the session, you will have access to me via WhatsApp to answer any remaining burning questions on the topic we discussed
  • You will also get access to a private Facebook group and forum where you can meet and chat to fellow upholsterers
Vintique Upholstery's Sharon O'Connor collaborating with other upholsterers

Find out more

To find out more about the Vintique Upholstery POWER HOUR with me Sharon O’Connor, feel free to download our PDF. You’ll then be able to access a discovery form, which will tell me where you are with your business and what your main business struggles are that I can help with. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to get in touch today.

£125 per hour. Sessions take place virtually over FaceTime or Zoom.

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