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Introducing Very Vintique

I love revamping treasured items of furniture for my customers. Hearing about the history of the pieces, whether they were picked up on the internet for a steal or handed down through generations. I don’t see it as a job. But, I can’t lie, there’s also something satisfying about the process of seeking out my OWN pieces, inventing a vision and creating something spectacular. Want to know more? Welcome to Very Vintique…

I quite often get asked whether I sell any of my own furniture. The answer is usually no. I happily work on commissions, enjoying the privilege of restoring, revamping and reupholstering other people’s pieces. But truth is, I rarely have the time to work on my own projects. Instead, I work on YOURS.

Recently though, I have been overwhelmed by an irresistible urge to tackle my own inventions. We’re not talking just any old furniture. I’m so excited to launch my very first collection that will be unique, handcrafted and total one-offs. Curated like a gallery, I’ll be sourcing the furniture, selecting the fabric, then adding the detail and finessing the finish using the skill and vision I’ve acquired over my years working as a professional upholsterer.

Chesterfield sofa in need of reupholstering

Reupholstered green sofa and patterned armchair against concrete background

Bespoke furniture with a designer touch

Spotting the potential in old furniture has always been something I’ve loved. Trawling the pitches at Kempton Antiques on a Tuesday morning and knowing that there will be all kinds of dusty, neglected gems just crying out for some love and attention is something I adore. You’ll also know I have an absolute obsession with fabrics: seeking out new styles, the most vivid colours and championing the best existing and emerging designers. I always approach this aspect of my job with relish, making sure my customers get the ideal pairing for their prized possessions. I can’t wait to marry together my pick of the most incredible fabrics with their perfect furniture matches.

“I can’t wait to marry together the most incredible fabrics with their perfect furniture matches.”

And then, there’s the detail – I’m meticulous about making sure a piece is finished with precision. It could be the addition of some contrast piping that makes the piece pop to life, or a colour-matched button that’s added as an unexpected touch. There will be no compromises on the quality or the finish. All pieces will have a special, hidden Vintique touch added too and will be totally bespoke in every way.

I can’t wait to breathe new life into these often forgotten treasures with the most exquisite fabrics and beautiful detailing, resulting in a special collection of Vintique furniture available to buy. This is for you if you’ve always dreamed of owning something that’s a total one-off. These exclusive and limited-edition pieces will have the true touch of a designer at their hearts.

Armchair in need of reupholstering

Reupholstered green patterned armchair against concrete background

Style AND sustainability

To put it another way, my job makes me realise we don’t NEED new furniture. The carbon cost of making new is huge, but by repurposing pieces that already exist, we’re creating something extra special and doing our bit for sustainability too. Reupholstering rather than replacing items that have seen better days is a responsible choice. Buying carefully doesn’t just mean you get to own an exceptional chair or sofa, it’s more than that. It makes so much sense to me to use what’s out there already and reinvent it beautifully.

Old sofa undergoing upholstery project in the workshop

Reupholstered patterned chesterfield sofa against concrete background

These high-end, design-led pieces will be available as exclusive one-off items on my new Instagram feed, @veryvintique, and my new Facebook page, Very Vintique. Do follow to keep an eye on what creations I’ll be working on. If you fall in love with something, be quick to snap it up. I promise you won’t see another piece like it!

Drop me a line if you have something in particular you’re looking for in mind by filling in the online contact form. Don’t forget to follow Very Vintique on Instagram and Facebook.

You can also email me directly at or call me on 07764 182 783.

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