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The Gavel and the Gabble: The upholsterer and the neon chair

If you love all things antiques, you’ll love this auction podcast from Harry and Simon, The Gavel and The Gabble. It’s Antiques Road Show in podcast form.
I am over the moon to be a guest on this week’s episode, which is out today on Apple and Spotify.

Talking Upholstery on The Gavel and The Gabble

We covered all kinds of things, including how I got into upholstery, my story so far and Money For Nothing.

We talked about favourite furniture and well-made furniture versus the perils of a throwaway culture. It was a lively chat with plenty of fun and laughter, a real meeting of minds.
I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will too.

A G-Plan Saddle Back chair with footstool

Learning Upholstery?

If you’re new to upholstery (and even if you’re not), have a listen. I share my insider insights, plus some great resources, including my top do-it-yourself projects for upholstery beginners.

Behind the scenes of an auction house

The Gavel and The Gabble hosts, Harry and Simon, run two provincial Auction Houses: Windsor Auctions and Lyme Bay Auctions.
They’re known for their different auctioneering style (and bad jokes).

Podcast hosts and auctioneers at Lyme Bay Auctions, Harry and Simon.

Their podcast reveals what goes on behind the scenes of an actual working auction house – the characters they meet, the things they find (and the things they wished they had never found)!

I met Simon briefly ten years ago when he was doing a house clearance for my mum’s next-door neighbour.

Out of the blue last week, he contacted me saying he’d been following me for a few years on social media and asked if I’d like to be a guest on their podcast! Of course, I said yes, as I love the podcast.

Find out more about Sharon’s work on the BBC’s Money For Nothing programme here.

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