Cuddle chair reupholstered in a graphic pattern fabric

Why upholstery isn’t just for antiques

When you think of upholstery, you may automatically imagine valuable vintage chairs, Mid-Century design classics or inherited items of antique furniture. But actually, upholstering something more modern can make all the difference between an unremarkable place to sit and a statement piece that sums up your personal style.

I like to think of upholstery as a bit like having an item of clothing handmade and expertly fitted. Getting a suit made by a tailor means that you get the perfect look. It’s exactly your choice of cut, finish, style and fabric, AND best of all, your suit is completely one-of-a-kind! The same principles apply to a sofa. In fact, with a bit of imagination, you can transform that slightly boring, forgotten piece into something absolutely exceptional.

Don’t give up on unremarkable furniture

Usually there’s nothing wrong with the bones of most modern sofas. Sometimes the cushions can become a bit flat over time, but essentially as long as the structure’s intact you can create a piece that you’d never be able to buy on the high street. While it may not be cheaper than buying brand new, if you have a piece of furniture that already fits well in your home but just doesn’t spark any sense of joy, don’t give up on it!

With a little bit of imagination you can transform that slightly boring, forgotten piece into something exceptional!

You may be surprised at how some simple alterations can make that piece of furniture work so much better. By changing the cushion configuration or fitting new legs, you can redesign and remodel something you already have. Here are some ideas to get you started …

Updating a 1980s sofa

This sofa – probably from the 1980s – wasn’t in bad condition, but its styling touches were making it look seriously DATED. I mean … the frilly skirt, the loose arm caps. Enough said – it needed a transformation!

1980s sofa

By removing the loose covers and going for fixed upholstery, we were able to reveal the detail of the arm scrolls. It looked better already. And by ditching the dull neutral and replacing it with an aquamarine coloured chevron fabric it’s transported right into the 2020s.

Reupholstered 1980s sofa in blue

Re-upholstering a cuddle chair

There’s no doubt this over-sized armchair looked comfortable enough, but the fabric was showing signs of wear and everything looked like it needed to be re-plumped. And, like a big, baggy dress, the loose covers were doing nothing to showcase its structure.

Cuddle chair

Add in a contemporary grey fabric with a fab neon yellow design and bingo! You’ve got yourself an ultra-stylish place to chill.

Grey fabric with yellow design on reupholstered cuddle chair

The perfect finishing touch was to upholster a tired-looking footstool in matching fabric. The end result is a bespoke set of matching furniture that you simply want to dive into.

Reupholstered cuddle chair

Revamp for a repro Chesterfield

Who doesn’t love a Chesterfield? This repro version had all the appeal of the original classic but it had been left lingering out in the garage and was looking a little flat and tired.

Repro Chesterfield sofa

The first job was to change the cushions and give them new foam fillings. Next up, a smart new teal velvet together with some dark wood bun feet to match the flooring and tie-in with the décor. And hey presto, this once-forgotten sofa has the new lease of life it deserves.

Reupholstered repro Chesterfield sofa

Upholstery is limitless in its options. So, if you want to revamp or reinvent the furniture you already have rather than fork out on brand new, let’s have a chat. Life’s too short for ordinary furniture. Drop me a line for an initial, no-obligation quote by filling in the online contact form. Alternatively, you can email me directly at or call me on 07764 182 783.

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