Sharon on laptop with upholstery beginners starter guide open on the screen.

Upholstery Beginner: Preparing for your first upholstery course

Last year, I launched Upholstery Uncovered – my digital starter guide for upholstery beginners looking to take their first course or class. Since then, it has helped many budding upholsterers plan their first steps into this brilliant craft. And many have even gone on to take it up as a career.

Upholsterers' tools line the wall of a workshop.

It all came about because when I started upholstery over 10 years ago, there was no place to go for guidance. I didn’t have a mentor or sounding board. Someone who could steer me through those very first steps of choosing a course, building my kit and learning a bit more about this skill and profession I now completely know and love.

I realised I wanted to – and could – help out.

“I want to share my learning and knowledge to make the industry a more welcoming place for upholstery enthusiasts and trainees.”

What’s it all about?

My digital guide looks in detail at the best way to prepare for upholstery training, so you can make confident decisions, save time (and money) and truly enjoy your upholstery journey.

Sharon on laptop with upholstery beginners starter guide open on the screen.

Technical upholstery training is an investment, you want to be sure it’s right for you. That’s where Upholstery Uncovered comes in. This is a guide to getting into upholstery, it’s not a technical course. But it has all the practical advice you need as a beginner when you’re first starting out in the craft.

It is divided into six modules (plus a welcome module) and includes two hours of videos with accompanying resources. You get immediate access to all the modules. Choose to watch them in one go or work through them at a slower pace; whichever you prefer.

What You’ll Learn

• Module 1: What makes a good upholsterer?
• Module 2: Top training tips and considerations.
• Module 3: Learning how to avoid mistakes and setting yourself up for success.
• Module 4: What you need to master.
• Module 5: Inside an upholsterer’s toolkit.
• Module 6: Trade secrets and top tips.

I have also produced a set of invaluable resources that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

• A guide to courses and classes.
• My Little Black Book of stockists.
• A handy glossary of upholstery supplies
• Your essential kit bag
• A Beginner’s guide to furniture design.
• Five basic upholstery projects to master.
• Simple step-by-step guide to upholstering a Lloyd Loom Ottoman.
• And…
• Two behind-the-scenes tours – studio and home.

A community just for upholstery learners

As well as unlimited access to my digital guide, you also receive lifetime access to my private Facebook Group. It is a supportive community of learners, all embarking on some kind of upholstery training. You can ask questions, make friends, and I regularly pop in to do Lives and answer questions.

Sharon in the Vintique Upholstery workshop with latest upholstery project.

Are you ready to join us?

Upholstery Uncovered is the perfect digital guide for you if you’re thinking of taking the next step and entering technical training, either as a course or class/es. It’s designed to help you navigate the world of upholstery as a beginner without getting overwhelmed. To help you choose the right options for your goals. Whether that is to expand your skillset as an enthusiast or train professionally and start an upholstery business.

Click through to read how Upholstery Uncovered has helped many people take their first steps into upholstery, details on how to sign up, price and more!

Like you, I was once an upholstery beginner. Read How To Get Into Upholstery to learn more about my training journey and for tips to help you on your own.

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