The Joyful Chair features pattern-matched buttons and self piping.

Ready to buy now: The Joyful Chair

This week I added a new addition to my Very Vintique shop: The Joyful Chair.

In my signature pop-of-colour style, it’s a super modern spin on a classic spoon-back nursing chair. This vintage chair was originally covered in a typical 50’s green velour, but I thought it was time this beauty had a print.
This bold, bright fabric needs no competition, so I pattern-matched the buttons and added self-piping in the same fabric.
The chestnut show wood has also been refreshed and returned to its former glory.

The story behind the design

If you’ve looked around the website or you follow me on social media, you may recognise this fabric. I love this fabric so much that I have two chairs upholstered in it, and they look fantastic with my emerald-green sofa. When I share my living room on social media, I can guarantee someone will message me about my armchair fabric.

The Joyful Chair by Very Vintique

The fabric is called Rousseau by Kitty McCall. Sadly, this design was discontinued some years ago! So, if you love this print too, this is your only opportunity to have a piece in it.

The Joyful Chair back view.

Why it works

The different green hues and prints complement the chestnut colour of the wood and really bring it out to make it deeper and stronger. But green has other properties too.

An opportunity to get the now discontinued Kitty McCall Rousseau print in your home.

On a Feng Shui bagua map (a tool used to look at how lives and homes correspond), green is the colour of the area related to family. It represents new beginnings and a connection to nature and its energy. It is said to invite healing and soothing energy into a home and stimulate creativity, so it’s the ideal colour if you want to nurture connection and positivity – hence its name, The Joyful Chair!

Perfect placement

With so many different shades of green in one pattern and the black accents to ground it, the chair will suit most interiors. While the show wood will complement any natural woods in the same space.

Chestnut show wood on the Very Vintique's Joyful Chair.

The chair is perfect for a room that overlooks a garden, but it will also look beautiful in a bedroom or hallway. It’s an ideal accent chair to brighten an empty corner.

Reinvent don’t replace

Once destined for landfill, this vintage gem is now an heirloom of the future.

It’s a great example of why you should reinvent rather than replace. While the fabric may have been tired, the bones were still solid, and it has many years left in it.

Would you like to give it a home?
Buy The Joyful Chair here.

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